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Wish You A Very Happy New Year

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Every New Year starts with new hopes and expectations. The best way to welcome the New Year is to send and dedicate New Year wishes to your family and friends. Its December, cold and sad, it the last month of the year. New Year is also important because we are about to say bye to present year and it is always hard to say good bye, and it is our golden and pleasant memories which are attached to this year. But time and tide waits for none, life keeps going, we should open our arms to hug New Year.

New Year Messages are the prayers and blessings which we send to our dears, because we always want to see them happy and enjoying their lives. December’s last night which is 31st of this month has arrived; no one is sleeping but waiting and looking at the clock to strike 12:00 AM. As the hands of clock touch the 12, there is light and crackers everywhere. The sky is full of beautiful lights; everyone is wishing a New Year to each other. That is the time you can wish and pray for the successful year, and greet your dear ones happy New Year with a different style using New Year messages.

These are the days you definitely searching for nice New Year Message. Then you are at the right place, you will find nice and cute New Year Messages here.  You can dedicate these wishes on the new day of New Year. Make yourself the first one who wishes the happy New Year. You will too enjoy reading these cute New Year wishes Messages, every sentence and word is dipped and filled with blessings and well-wishes. Your friends will also feel great.


Lovely Collection Of New Year Messages From Lovely Text.

Happy New Year Messages For You

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There was a time when people have to search for magazines, books and other such stuff to find a nice message which we can dedicate to our friends on special occasions like New Year. But you do not have to wonder here and there for nice New Year messages because we have collect the best message from everywhere to one place. These New Year messages are different in nature, you will find message for wishing, greeting and other important message related to New Year.

Most people have question in their mind, why should I read so many messages but in these messages there is hidden treasure of beauty, wisdom and love. You feel yourself more satisfied after reading them. Take a note book and read couple of New Year Messages while reading them note down the messages which attracts and click your mind. In the end you have your own collection of New Year Messages which you can dedicate and forward to your friends and family on the special occasion of New Year. Different people have made great efforts to create these messages for you.

These New Year Messages are just like sweet gifts, you should not under estimate the importance of these messages as they are the part and parcel of this tradition of New Year, everyone in their own way send New Year messages to others. It may be in the form of advice, prayer or love. You will find every kind of new year message here. We can write it on a New Year greeting card, cake or send it through a text message. This is not only a way to communicate but also a good way to express love and gratitude to our dear ones.


Lovely Collection Of Happy New Year Messages From Lovely Text.

Every moment of coming year

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I wish u the best of Every Thing….

in your life…

Everyday of the coming year

be the best day of your life

every moment of new year

be the happiest moment of your life

that u so well deserve.

Happy New Year


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Prayers for New Year

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Be always at war with tour vices,
At Peace With ur neighbours,
& Let each NEW YEAR
Find u a better man.
Happy New Year


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A Happy New Year

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Fill ur life wid happiness & bright cheer,
brng to u joy & prosperity for the whole year,
& its my new year wish 4 u dear…
wish u a very happy new year


Latest collection of Happy New Year SMS Messages

Happy New Year

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Fresh Air….

Fresh idea….

Fresh Talent….

Fresh Energy….

I wish u to have sweet Sunday….

Marvelous Monday….

Tasty Tuesday….

Wonderful Wednesday….


Friendly Friday….

Successful Saturday….

Have a great Year….

Happy New Year.


Lovely Collection of New Year Messages

Happy New Year Text Messages

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Here you will find new and great collection of Happy New Year Messages, New Year Greetings, New Year Wishes, New Year Quotes, Happy New Year Wishes, Romantic New Year Messages and many more.