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Million Moments Of Love

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When you meet your true love

You’ll feel it.

Same is the case with me

I meet you and my heart knows

You are mine


May you’ll have a great love story

And in your love story

I wish I would be your



feelings of love

It was my destiny

to find a love

A love of my life

I still felt that closeness

Your smile, your eyes, your shine

It is my destiny

To live with a person

Who takes my heart

And give me million moments

of joy and love.


May deep and true feelings of mine,

penetrate in your heart

and makes you my

true soul mate.

Love You Forever.


I am Waiting

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I am standing here

with open arms for you,

waiting for you to come

and see how much I love you.

I need you, your love

and your feelings.

I know one day

God will bless you

with the feelings

and you will fall in love with me

with all your heart and soul.


Want You

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After I met you I have a strong feeling

that I am in love. Because

I miss you when I am happy

and I madly need you when I am sad.

You are the shoulder I need to cry on,

you are the one I am living for.

You are the one I want to see in the morning

and you are the one I want in my bed.

So I love you and want you to be mine…FOREVER.

I love you and want you to be mine.

I love you and want you to be mine.

Only One

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Your love is like having a rain

When it falls on me drop by drop

It feels like I am in heaven

With the special feeling of freshness

Happiness and craziness

I become the happiest person

On earth.

Thank you for being with me

And loving me like I am the ONLY ONE.





New SMS For Lovers

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Here is new SMS collection for you. Send your favorite message to your lover and keep your relation fresh and long lasting. Enjoy.


You are in my life and in my heart.

That’s why I love you and I ‘ll make you my wife.


I will never stop dreaming because you are my dream.

I will never stop hoping because you are my hope.

I will never stop loving because you are my love.


Life needs happiness but my happiness is with you,

so without you there is no life, no happiness.



Share Your Feelings Through Love SMS

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We always want to live and spend our life with the people we love. But life is very cruel and you have to live apart from your dears. They are still very close to heart; distances can never make any difference.When they are not with us, we love them and miss them even more.

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Short Love SMS For You

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I came here to see what you were doing,

It is not essential to send a sweet message in every sms,

I have just sent this sms because

I am missing you so much.


Last time you complaint me that,

Nobody loves you,

Nobody needs you,

Nobody cares for you,

And nobody wants to see you again,

I am telling you that it is not true,

Because nobody is that nobody.


Hands up please,

I am officer from help line service 143,

Being so beautiful and sweet like you is violation of this act,

So I am here to arrest you and put into my heart’s cage.


Feeling Of Happiness

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I love that face

I love that smile

I love that passion

With all my heart

I love it all

From the very start

We have our ups and downs

But we put our broken pieces together

And we always come back around

I hope today, tomorrow and rest of my life

will be lovely and beautiful like never before

We will enjoy our fresh start

No more tears or feelings sad

No more lies or dishonesty

Only honesty, love and care

feeling of happiness will be there.


Love Makes My Heart Open

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Love makes my heart open

For the one that is my loved one

I feel so nice

I think so wide

When I see your face

in front of my eyes

I used to hide

My smile, my happiness

My feelings and emotions

My dreams and hopes

But I love you more

With the passage of time

I wish you will know

About my love

About my passion

The day you read my eyes.


Its Just Love

When we feel and hear

every voice of heart

When we see every thing

Dance and sing

Nothing looks bad and sad any more

It looks like heart is not ours any more

It is nothing…

Just a Love.


Life Is Too Short For Love

If you wanna know

How much you love

People around you,

Just think about

how short our lives are

If keep it in mind

We can never try

to hate any one.

All we see on earth

will be only LOVE.


My Dreams

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I dream of you everyday

In my dream…

You and I sitting together and holding hands,

Where we can hear and feel the heartbeats,

The sky, and all the stars watching us,

I want my heart to tell you that you are the

only person I am living for

And you say that

I love you too.


Love And Prayer

Your love is like a prayer to me,

I do not know what is right and what is wrong,

Love is not just a word for me

Its an emotional state

Its just like a precious pearl

in the beds of the sea

It takes years to find it,

and a whole life time to take care of it…