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At Night – Cute Love SMS

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At night,

I always think of you,

and then i fell asleep

As i awake,

I still remember those dreams

that I’m with you..

suddenly i felt this longing for you

just like the cold rain coming from the storm

Being in love with you

is the most wonderful thing

that ever happened to me…

I can be myself

and speak what’s on my mind

without the feeling that I’m being judged…

but, being apart from you

is the most difficult..

just like the moon

so close yet so far..

that no matter what i do

still you’re out of reach..

for the meantime,

I’ll pretend that you’re here

that we’re together..

I know one day it will happen

not just in dreams but for real…

A Nice Love Message By Ariane.


Love In Rain

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Drops Of Love

I want to write your name

on every drop of water,

And then let that drop

touch my soul

and absorb in my heart…

I can see your name


at every color of rainbow

At every cloud in the sky,

Missing you so much

in this rainy and romantic weather.


Love In The Lovely Weather

I remember…

that rainy day,

Running and splashing

the water of rain

kissing and hugging

Touching each others wet face

I remember…

We danced, we loved

We lye down watching

drops coming towards us

We made love in that rain

We made each other happy.

We lived and enjoy every moment

Of romantic and heart warming rain.

I remember…

Our passionate love

in that lovely weather…


Collection Of Short Love Messages

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Romantic Short Love Message

In my bed with sweet romantic dreams

With a smile on my face

And a pillow under my arms

I miss you so much

And wish to have you here

in my bed

with the sweet romantic dreams.


Love Text Message For You

We stay together

all days of the year

And wish every night

for the dream to come true

The dream of the night

When I lay beside you

and you lay beside me.


Cute Short Love Message

Love is not seasonal

It does not depend on distances

In distances, it becomes more strong

more true, more passionate…

So remember that our love becomes more

true than ever…


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I Keep Loving You

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I am confused

I dont know what to do

I miss you

You miss me

You say we were meant to be

But that I cant see.

I keep loving you.

I keep making love with you

I want you to be smile. Not frown.

I want you to laugh. Not cry.

Anything I do I always choose the wrong thing.

You say you love me most…

You say you would do anything.

I dont know what to do.

But I do love you…

I am just confused.


Lovely Love Sms

I sit here and think why i am even here.

Is there any perfect spot in this world for me.

Where i will never hurt someone or someone will never hurt me.

These questions run through my head over and over again but i never get an answer….

Because there is no answer.

There is no perfect place

Nothing or no one is perfect.

When someone hurts you

You have to forgive sooner or later.

When you hurt someone they will hopefully one day forgive you.

Life is full of surprises so you never know what will come your way.

You just have to sit back and take it, either its love or hate.

Cute Love Messages By Krystal K.


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Sad Love Sms For You

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If you put some one

to cry, just remember

that these tears become

a river and your heart

drown into it along with all love

and peace.


Sad Love Sms

I tried again and again

But I cant let you go

Cant forget you

No longer love some one

Just feel terrible

Fall from the several storey

building with the broken,

heart and soul

Incapable to rise

Laying on the side

of the road

Staring at sky

Looking at everyone

passing by

to help me

to live again

But there is no one

No one…


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You are Just Like Dream

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I was just like a colorless painting,

With no color and no life

But when you came

you have filled me with many colors,

You paint my life with all the beautiful colors

of nature, now I am not the person I was

Its new life and new me,

I do not exist now,

because every color within me is yours.

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Whenever I saw a dream,

And saw you there,

It becomes a very beautiful reality.

But when I open my eyes to reality,

you are just like a dream there.


Never support and argue that

you have true love for someone.

Always proof and show that how

pure it is.


With the magic touch of love,

With the every color of emotion

everything in life changes.

You think its hate but still it’s a love,

You think its jealousy but still it’s just a love.

In the world of love everything transforms into love.


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I Am In Love With You

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Kiss is not a kiss for me

Until I kiss you dear

Dream is not a dream for me

Until I have a dream of you

Wish is not a wish for me

Until I wish to have you in my life

Love is not a love for me

Until I am in love with you.


A Short Love SMS

I always want to

Make your life better

Love you more

And wanna make you

A changed person

A successful person.

I love you Darling.


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Let It Happens

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Love is actually the thing

that only happens with hearts,

But when it happens, it effects

our body parts and also

our life. We looks beautiful

and life becomes colorful

and excited. So hurry up

Let it happens to your heart.


Love SMS For Mother

Its for the one

Who always stands

by my side

When I need some one.

I love her so much

She is the reason

of my existence

and all the happiness

in my life.

She is my Mother

I love her so much.


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Its Love

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The most incredible and amazing

thing in the world can not be seen

or heard, It can only be felt by

inner core of the heart…


Silent love does not have

words, It has its own language

Which can only be heard

by the person we love.


Never think that you are

useless and no body needs

you, there is one person

who needs you, loves you,

cares about you, wants you.

And I wanna tell you that

that one is ME.

I Love You.


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I Love The Way He Loves Me

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Its time for me to

thank my God

My Grateful God

Who gives me

the most precious


The most happy moment,

The world’s expensive gift,

the person with the lovely face,

the person with beautiful voice,

the person created only for me,

That’s the most precious gift for me,

I love to spend time with her,

He makes me smiling and glowing like a flower,

He is the one who knows my feelings,

He is my life and I love the way he loves me.

I love you too much!

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