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Lovely Love Messages For Boyfriend

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Love needs no medium to be expressed but sometimes it feels great to show your love and let your boyfriend know how much you love him. Using love messages may be a very nice way to enter his heart and it is also very easy to understand. We all know that in love have different flavors; you should try to select the love messages according to the situation and mood.

First there are love messages which are poetry quotes. Using love quotes from poetry can be an excellent source of words. These are written through pens of experienced. The melodious choice of words, the eloquent use of phrases in poetry has the ability to astonish your lover. To do this easy for you we already cater particularly famous love poetry and have created beautiful love message for you so you can impress your boyfriend.

The next big source of love messages is song lyrics. Number of songs has been written on different aspect and color of love. Another best way to make it more effective is to choose the lyrics of his/her favorite songs. When reading these love messages available here, you will soon realize the effectiveness and sweetness of them as they directly hit and enter in your heart.

The easier and fast way to send these love messages is to send them through e-mail or text messages but when you say these words directly, it will be more romantic. But in e-mails you can use pictures, change font, color, the use of different backgrounds and size etc to make it look like magical. Read and enjoy the beauty of these love messages.


Amazing Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

Love Wishes

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I wish you find the man of your dreams,

Who is honest, mature, encouraging and loving,

walk hand in hand with you

In thick and thin, in rain or sun

May you find man of your choice

And you both will make a perfect couple.


When you win, you celebrate it,

But when you lose, you should not be sad,

But celebrate,

Life is not about winning and losing

its about living and celebrating every moment.


In this silent frozen night,

Looking at the moon and smoky chilled air,

I am missing someone,

Yes I am missing you so much,

Wish you were here with me

Having coffee sitting on your couch.


Lovely Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

You Are The Only One

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My feelings will always be strong

My Love will never go wrong

You are one and only

You are mine forever

Like whole world for me

I love you so much

I love whenever we touch each other

I love when we kiss

You are the only one

who makes my life worth living

Without you I dont know

what would I do

But I know my love is so true

So I will never stop loving you

If I will ever lost you

My heart turns in blue

Never forget that you will always be mine

All the time for ever and ever.

A nice Love Messages From Heather.


Lovely Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

Sad Part Of My Life

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Its difficult to show others

Whats inside me

What is the reason

I remain so quite

Its my birthday

Every one is here

But I am alone

Among all these people

I am smiling

But crying from inside

One more year is passed

Without the season of happiness

Without any one

I can call he’s mine

Its like I am dead

And no one is left

For shedding tears on my grave

May God bless me

with the gift of love

this year…

Makes my life

A living paradise.


Lovely Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.


Love Has No Limits

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What is love? most commonly asked question. People have tried to elaborate its answer in many different ways but still there is no specific answer to this question. The main reason why there are so many different answers is that, everyone has its own perception and different way to express it. If you want to know what love is, you have to experience it and go through it by yourself. You may keep searching for the answer or you may get the desired answer which clicks your mind and heart but still you know nothing about love until you have tasted it.

Love is not limited and bound, you cannot calculate or measure its depth, but you can surf on its waves forever. You are lost in a color of love and the very next moment everything change and include a new color in your life, which is totally different from the previous, you may never get a chance to taste the same flavor again. That is the real beauty of love, always there is new color and new sky in the world of love. How can we confine infinity into words and rules? You can never create rules and limitations for love.

Love is main stream and from this there emerges many other sweet streams, you become more soft hearted and sensitive. It gives totally new meaning to your life. You become lively and start to live your life in true sense. When you feel happy and peaceful from inside you start sharing this bliss with everyone around you, then you are not doing it but it becomes a natural process. So if you really want to know what love is, get ready to experience and enter the mystery world of love. It is there, in the bottom of your heart lies the answer.


Amazing Collection Of Love Text Messages From Lovely Text.

Light In Eyes

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You were the light in my eyes

But I was nothing

Your eyes were for whom you love

Your love was for the person

You love most

Whose inside your heart

And not for me

How unlucky am I

I could only think about you

Live with your memories

And nothing else.


Sweet Message For My Love

I was lying on my bed

My mind resist to think

Anything else

Except You and your love

Suddenly a tear rolling down

my cheeks…

Its your projection

I use to see every where

O My Love!

Never forget my love

My sacrifices.


Lovely Collection Of Love Messages From lovely Text.


Always Smile

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God has made everyone’s face so beautiful,

When you put a smile on your face,

Universe smiles with you,

your heart smiles with you,

your fortune smiles

and make your future smile

So Keep Smiling…

Make your surroundings happy.


Smile is the symbol of happiness,

But when you smile at hardships,

It means you have the courage.

And bravery to tell all the problems,

That they cannot stand in your way.

When you smile in happiness

It means you have the spark

and energy to live and love in

your heart.


Amazing Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

Send Some Love Through Messages

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Sun is the source of energy and light for our earth, when sun raises the light spreads everywhere it is a natural process. In the same way LOVE is also a source of energy and spread light of happiness everywhere. The person in love when hears the voice of his heart, feels bliss and satisfaction. Love wants medium to travel to that person who become reason of happiness in life. Its really necessary.

Love messages are sent very frequently nowadays. It has became tradition to send a love messages through text, e-mails, msn etc. We have a huge collection of love messages and love sms. These Love Messages are romantic, special and impressive. They actually are written for the lovers. Whenever you realize you are in love and very much deep feeling you have for anyone, don’t resist, don’t hesitate and send a nice love message. These messages stir your lover from inside make them able to see the purity of your love. If you have not yet conveyed your heart message to your boyfriend or your girlfriend, you can use these messages to show your love for the first time.

Very experienced and true lovers compose these kinds of messages and we have gathered all these messages at one place for you. You can further read and skim out your favorite message from this large collection. You can also add your own wordings and idea in these messages to make it your own. Your boyfriend will be surprised to read such nice and cute love messages. One special thing about these love messages is that these are already famous and popular among lovers. You do not have to worry about the credibility of these love messages. Just select perfect one for your boyfriend and dedicate in any way you like.


Lovely Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

He Is Mine

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He said hello to me that one fine day.

He touched my hand one early afternoon

that made my heart skip a beat

I thought I was going to die.

He smiled at me on that

one sunday afternoon

We were taking walk down by the river.

He told me he loved me

he was on one knee

I was so shocked

I dont even know if I was even breathing right now…

He came into my life

from one of the stars above

that I wished for my whole life.

He came to me at the darkest phase of my life

and make it so bright

I am never letting him go…

I love him, he is mine.

A Cute Love Message By Shelly Wild.


New Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

What I Love

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Cute Little Message

What I love about you?

I love that

you were the only girl

who saw more than my imperfections

you saw and feel that I was alone,

kind and I loved you.

I loved that you gave me a chance

and made me smile with my heart

I loved that you saw

with a little motavation

I can be that guy you wished to love…

No matter what happens

No matter if we lost

We will always find each other

With the eye of our hearts…

Cute Love Message By Lukas.


Funny Love Massage

Love is a magic,

It melts your heart,

In other words love weakens your heart,

And for the rest of strong heart people,

They actually believe in flirting:)


Lovely Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.