Million Moments Of Love

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When you meet your true love

You’ll feel it.

Same is the case with me

I meet you and my heart knows

You are mine


May you’ll have a great love story

And in your love story

I wish I would be your



feelings of love

It was my destiny

to find a love

A love of my life

I still felt that closeness

Your smile, your eyes, your shine

It is my destiny

To live with a person

Who takes my heart

And give me million moments

of joy and love.


May deep and true feelings of mine,

penetrate in your heart

and makes you my

true soul mate.

Love You Forever.


Little Things Hurt

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Sometimes little things hurt,

No reply from your loved ones.

Ignorance of your class teacher.

Laughing of friends at you.

Shouting of big brother.

When your best friend busy with another friend

When your sis tells your secrets to mom.

When you express your feelings to someone

special but he doesn’t try to understand.

Simple but true.

ASCII Text Messages

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Here you will find Every category of ASCII Messages like Good Morning ASCII Messages, Islamic ASCII Messages, Greetings ASCII Messages, English ASCII Messages and many other categories.