Being In Love

Sometimes I look at you and wonder

why you are with me.

I wonder if it was that night

I wished on that star

that gave me you.

I never used to believe in wishes

but when I came across you.

I used to dream of you

as long as I could even remember

and when I saw you

it felt like I knew you my whole life.

Theres is one thing that scares me

sometimes being in Love with someone like you

I thank the stars above for sending me you.

I see you sitting across me

I stare at you as if you are made of diamonds.

I cant stop and wonder how lucky I am to be with you

Today I am your wife and I still feel the same way

as I did on that one magical day when the stars above gave me you

I dreamed of you all my life and now I have you…

Sweet Love Message By Shelly Wild.


Kool Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

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