I Am Only For You

My eyes are only for

looking into the future

The future in which

Nobody with me

except you.

My ears are only

for hearing your sweet

and charming voice,

My arms are made

for holding you tight

and restrict you

to leave me,

I am only for you

and want to live

closer to you forever.

I Love You Sweet Heart.


A Short Love Message

I looked at many things in

my life and then I looked at you,

Then I never turned my face

and stop looking at you, because

There is no such thing in this

world more beautiful than you.


You Are My Love

When I saw you first time,

I felt my heart in my chest,

And for the first time

I realized that I am alive,

You are my love

You are my life now,

Thats why…

I feel so alive

When I saw you

When I touched your face,

Kiss you and taste you.


Sweet Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

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