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Technology and science has touched its peak,

Now you can talk to moon from your planet earth,

Do you want to try this?

It is very simple,

Just dial from your mobile number,

(Your cell number) :P


Sardar learnt A-Z English alphabets

A= An apple

B= Big Apple

C= Chocolate Apple

D= Double Apple

E= Eight Apples

F= Fat Apples




Z= Zindabad Apple


Girlfriend to her sheikh boyfriend:

You can give me this cute ring,

This will remind me of you each time I will see this ring,

Boyfriend: you can remember me for your whole life,

that you asked me for ring but I did not give you the ring.


No Girlfriends Please

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Boy to his friend: Today I am very sad,

My ex girlfriend has send me new happy

pictures with her new boy friend,

to make me feel jealous. What should I do?

Friend: You just send all these pictures to her dad.


Boy to her girlfriend: How do I play flute?

Girl: hmm. I wish you were on a radio show.

Boy: oh really? Thank you so much.

Girl: Yes it is true; at least I can turn off the radio when you play flute.


If a girl says that do not get worried about this thing.

It means it is the only thing you should be worried about.


Sweet New Month SMS

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May your tomorrow be brighter,

May this new month be more successful,

I wish this month brings more inspiration

and love in your life,

Happy new month.


Always look forward towards your future

Fill your eyes and heart with motivation,

Push yourself and boosts your capabilities to achieve what you want,

May you will gain confidence and believe in what you do,

Wish you a happy Month.


The new month has just started,

We should realize this fact that how fast life is passing,

We have short time and a lot to do for success,

So always spread love and work like a last day of life,

Wish you happy New Month.



Love Makes My Heart Open

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Love makes my heart open

For the one that is my loved one

I feel so nice

I think so wide

When I see your face

in front of my eyes

I used to hide

My smile, my happiness

My feelings and emotions

My dreams and hopes

But I love you more

With the passage of time

I wish you will know

About my love

About my passion

The day you read my eyes.


Its Just Love

When we feel and hear

every voice of heart

When we see every thing

Dance and sing

Nothing looks bad and sad any more

It looks like heart is not ours any more

It is nothing…

Just a Love.


Life Is Too Short For Love

If you wanna know

How much you love

People around you,

Just think about

how short our lives are

If keep it in mind

We can never try

to hate any one.

All we see on earth

will be only LOVE.


My Dreams

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I dream of you everyday

In my dream…

You and I sitting together and holding hands,

Where we can hear and feel the heartbeats,

The sky, and all the stars watching us,

I want my heart to tell you that you are the

only person I am living for

And you say that

I love you too.


Love And Prayer

Your love is like a prayer to me,

I do not know what is right and what is wrong,

Love is not just a word for me

Its an emotional state

Its just like a precious pearl

in the beds of the sea

It takes years to find it,

and a whole life time to take care of it…


With You Only

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No matter if you are far away

Away from my eyes and body

My thoughts and heart are with you

Everything looks smooth like cool breeze

Everything seems heavenly and lively

When you appear in imagination.

Without your memories

I am just like a blind person

A leaf of a dead tree

Please keep me alive

and stay in my memories and life forever.


I Love You SMS

I love being inside your heart

Thats my favorite place to live

I love to see sweet smile on your face

Thats my favorite scene to see

I love the gifts you buy for me

I love being inside your mind too.


SMS For Friends

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It is human nature to make relationships and live in community and groups. We meet different people every day, some of them stay for awhile for year or two and then leave. From our first day at school to the last day of university and so on till now, we make lots of friends.

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Never Forget You

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The simplest and short word I know is the word ”I”

The purpose of creation of this world is ”Love

And in this lovely world the person I will never forget is ”You”


Some people fall in love at first sight,

Other needs times to get involve and finally fall in love,

But every time your face appear against my eyes

and voice touches my ears,

I fall in love with you again and again.


In a crowd of people,

You are always the first one I want to see,

In my loneliness, you are the only one I want.



Cute Love SMS For You

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Do not adopt seriousness as a permanent trait of your personality,

It is more like a disease of soul.

Make yourself free from all chains,

Feel free, fly, enjoy and keep smiling.


What is the difference between love and lust?

Lust is using something for your happiness,

In love your happiness does not depends on something,

It is not borrowed or derived.

Love is always unconditional, so always spread

peace and love every where.


Mental stress is the result of restless thinking

Our most part of thoughts consists of useless stuff,

Get rid of it and be relax and calm in your being,

include love and happiness in your life to stay young forever.

Share Your Feelings Through SMS

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There was time when it was hard to tell anyone about your feelings every day. There was no such ways for lovers or friends to stay in touch.

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