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Love SMS For Girlfriend

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Do you have the feelings that monotony has surrounded your relationship? Are you here searching for something special for your girlfriend? Well you have just hit the right link; we have gathered and created very sweet collection of love sms which you can use to win the heart of your girlfriend. You are here because you are one of those sensitive souls who know the power of words and love sms in one’s life. You will find many ways to bring love spirit within you, but a simple yet best way is to look for love sms for your girlfriend.

It is true that amongst all of us, only few people have the God gifted ability to write down inner feelings. But things have changed now, you can easily borrow love sms and send her to make her happy. It is just like buying a gift and sending it, definitely it will be considered as an expensive gift. You can also read them to take inspiration and make your thoughts and writing skills better. Your Juliet will be overwhelmed by the beauty of these love vocabulary. Get ready to challenge the hidden love inside you.

It is good to select the best lines from number of messages and merge them to make best sms for your girlfriend. You can make a great impact by using the right sms for right occasion and event. Great writers create these love sms by using great effort and timeless resources for inspiration. When you choose the literary route, make sure what kind of writing style she likes. Many of these love sms are emerge from famous songs and quotes. That is reason you will find great variation and depth in these love sms for your girlfriend. Best of luck for your love life.


Kool Collection Of Love SMS Messages From Lovely Text.

Make Her Fall In Love

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Sweet Little Love Message

That day I pray for the first time

I beg to Almighty

For the one I fall in love with

To melt her heart for me

Inside her,

keep some love for me

Her green blue eyes,

Make them cry for me

O God! make her fall in love with me.


Love So Pure

Love means

to forget

And say sorry

Do apologies

Weather there is your fault or not

It does not mean you admitted

that you are lame and did the mistakes

It showed that you gave more importance

to your love, your relation

Than your ego…

Love is so pure

And with small mistakes

It can never come to end.


Cute Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

Love Is forever

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Love is not a seasonal flower,

It does not blossom in spring and lost its color in autumn,

Its beauty is ever lasting and no season can harm its beauty,

Love is forever.


Sweet Love Message

One night moon asked me,

Every night you send messages to your friend, but there is no reply,

Then why do not you quit sending messages?

I replied, I can read my friends even when they are silent.

Friendship never loses its shine.


Friendship Love Message

When we grow old,

Everything starts fading and losing its color,

But old friends and their love appears

more bright and beautiful,

We can never forget our friends and their friendship,

We love Our Friends.


Sweet Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

Collection Of Short Love Messages

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Romantic Short Love Message

In my bed with sweet romantic dreams

With a smile on my face

And a pillow under my arms

I miss you so much

And wish to have you here

in my bed

with the sweet romantic dreams.


Love Text Message For You

We stay together

all days of the year

And wish every night

for the dream to come true

The dream of the night

When I lay beside you

and you lay beside me.


Cute Short Love Message

Love is not seasonal

It does not depend on distances

In distances, it becomes more strong

more true, more passionate…

So remember that our love becomes more

true than ever…


Sweet Collection Of Love Sms Messages From Lovely Text.

All I Want Is Love

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A Romantic Love Message For You

People tried so hard to make me

happy but nothing seems to work.

Darkness and isolation in my life increased.

There was no optimism, no thoughts,

no sensation, no life.

Making everyone happy but myself.

I wanted to be loved and cared.

I wanted attention and affection.

All I needed and wanted is love.

I wanted to forgive people for hurting me.

But it was not so easy to do when your hurting inside.

Smiling from outside though, showing no sentiment.

When he came into my life.

I was finally happy, forget all my pains.

Felt no terror, no abhorrence, no grief,

no obscurity, no worthlessness.

Only love, pleasure, dreams.

My fairytale came true.

Now it’s me and you. My Love!


Sweet Collection Of Love Messages From Lovely Text.

Feelings Of Love

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Love is not just a

small portion or

an incident of life.

Its a big portion of

your heart and memorable

event of life.


Love is the only feeling

that gives us pain and

happiness at a time.

It can stop wars

but can be the

reason of it.

It can teach us

How to live, but

also give courage

to take life.

It can make heart

like a garden

But also have

ability to destroy it.

So love carefully.


Amazing Collection Of Love Messages

From Lovely Text.

Principles Of Love

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There are principles of love

There must be feelings,

Truthfulness, faithfulness, happiness

Attention, Aspiration,  romantic emotions,

promise, attachment, amazement,

care, gratitude, priority,

enthusiasm. So have these

in mind while falling in love.



Love is all about silent words and

Unstated emotions. When love is

fabricated, Its in the inner core of heart

only eyes are reflection of heart

so eyes speak when you keep quite.

So before it disappears read the eyes

of your admirer.


Sweet Collection Of Love Messages

From Lovely Text.



My Love

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Life is reducing

Like the sands of time

Every one changes

With the change of tides

But there is one thing

In the world…

That is steady

Never changes

And that’s


For you.


I Want…

I want a nice friend,

Honest, true, lovely,


So that I can share

All my secrets

Share all my pains,

A friend who can reduce

My loneliness, my weakness

A friend with sweet nature

with a lovely smile on the face


Sweet Collection Of Love Messages

From Lovely Text.

An Angel Of Love

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I need a loving caring person

With whom I can share

All my troubles, all my pains

May God sent me an angel of love

Who wipe my tears and live together.


I wait for you and miss you

your memories surrounded me every time

I feel your touch, I see your face every where

Come back to me my Love, I am wondering

Here and there.


Lovely Collection Of Love Messages

From Lovely Text.


Feeling Fresh

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I am feeling fresh air here

Now nothing to hide nothing to fear

Its the time to see nature and feel

Love, laugh and friends everywhere

Now is the chance to did some wrong

Make love and sing romantic songs.


I have never ever felt like this before

Sweet emotions, naughty feelings,

Its all because of you, My Love

I love you and adore you

more than any one else.

You are my life and whole world.


Heart Touching Collection Of

Love Messages From Lovely Text.