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Love Makes My Heart Open

Posted in Love SMS Messages on April 23rd, 2012 by admin – Comments Off

Love makes my heart open

For the one that is my loved one

I feel so nice

I think so wide

When I see your face

in front of my eyes

I used to hide

My smile, my happiness

My feelings and emotions

My dreams and hopes

But I love you more

With the passage of time

I wish you will know

About my love

About my passion

The day you read my eyes.


Its Just Love

When we feel and hear

every voice of heart

When we see every thing

Dance and sing

Nothing looks bad and sad any more

It looks like heart is not ours any more

It is nothing…

Just a Love.


Life Is Too Short For Love

If you wanna know

How much you love

People around you,

Just think about

how short our lives are

If keep it in mind

We can never try

to hate any one.

All we see on earth

will be only LOVE.


With You Only

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No matter if you are far away

Away from my eyes and body

My thoughts and heart are with you

Everything looks smooth like cool breeze

Everything seems heavenly and lively

When you appear in imagination.

Without your memories

I am just like a blind person

A leaf of a dead tree

Please keep me alive

and stay in my memories and life forever.


I Love You SMS

I love being inside your heart

Thats my favorite place to live

I love to see sweet smile on your face

Thats my favorite scene to see

I love the gifts you buy for me

I love being inside your mind too.


Never Forget You

Posted in Love SMS Messages on March 22nd, 2012 by admin – Comments Off

The simplest and short word I know is the word ”I”

The purpose of creation of this world is ”Love

And in this lovely world the person I will never forget is ”You”


Some people fall in love at first sight,

Other needs times to get involve and finally fall in love,

But every time your face appear against my eyes

and voice touches my ears,

I fall in love with you again and again.


In a crowd of people,

You are always the first one I want to see,

In my loneliness, you are the only one I want.



Share Your Feelings Through SMS

Posted in Love SMS Messages on March 17th, 2012 by admin – Comments Off

There was time when it was hard to tell anyone about your feelings every day. There was no such ways for lovers or friends to stay in touch.

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Sweet Love SMS For Wife

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Are you busy in your work so much that you are ignoring your wife continuously? It will create hatred and bad feelings for each other. Its true that no one has so much time for any body but you can manage it with small efforts.

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Love SMS For Girlfriend

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Do you have the feelings that monotony has surrounded your relationship? Are you here searching for something special for your girlfriend? Well you have just hit the right link; we have gathered and created very sweet collection of love sms which you can use to win the heart of your girlfriend.

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Light In Eyes

Posted in Love Text Messages on January 12th, 2012 by admin – Comments Off

You were the light in my eyes

But I was nothing

Your eyes were for whom you love

Your love was for the person

You love most

Whose inside your heart

And not for me

How unlucky am I

I could only think about you

Live with your memories

And nothing else.


Sweet Message For My Love

I was lying on my bed

My mind resist to think

Anything else

Except You and your love

Suddenly a tear rolling down

my cheeks…

Its your projection

I use to see every where

O My Love!

Never forget my love

My sacrifices.


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Send Some Love Through Messages

Posted in Love Text Messages on January 1st, 2012 by admin – Comments Off

Sun is the source of energy and light for our earth, when sun raises the light spreads everywhere it is a natural process. In the same way LOVE is also a source of energy and spread light of happiness everywhere. The person in love when hears the voice of his heart, feels bliss and satisfaction. Love wants medium to travel to that person who become reason of happiness in life. Its really necessary.

Love messages are sent very frequently nowadays. It has became tradition to send a love messages through text, e-mails, msn etc. We have a huge collection of love messages and love sms. These Love Messages are romantic, special and impressive. They actually are written for the lovers. Whenever you realize you are in love and very much deep feeling you have for anyone, don’t resist, don’t hesitate and send a nice love message. These messages stir your lover from inside make them able to see the purity of your love. If you have not yet conveyed your heart message to your boyfriend or your girlfriend, you can use these messages to show your love for the first time.

Very experienced and true lovers compose these kinds of messages and we have gathered all these messages at one place for you. You can further read and skim out your favorite message from this large collection. You can also add your own wordings and idea in these messages to make it your own. Your boyfriend will be surprised to read such nice and cute love messages. One special thing about these love messages is that these are already famous and popular among lovers. You do not have to worry about the credibility of these love messages. Just select perfect one for your boyfriend and dedicate in any way you like.


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Make Her Fall In Love

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Sweet Little Love Message

That day I pray for the first time

I beg to Almighty

For the one I fall in love with

To melt her heart for me

Inside her,

keep some love for me

Her green blue eyes,

Make them cry for me

O God! make her fall in love with me.


Love So Pure

Love means

to forget

And say sorry

Do apologies

Weather there is your fault or not

It does not mean you admitted

that you are lame and did the mistakes

It showed that you gave more importance

to your love, your relation

Than your ego…

Love is so pure

And with small mistakes

It can never come to end.


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Thank You For Your Love

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Its a fact that friendship and love

cannot be measured and buy in monetary terms,

For if it can, I could never be able to afford

someone so nice and great like you,

Thank you so much for your friendship, love and everything.


Silent Love Message

At this very moment I want to express my gratitude,

love, my feelings to you…

But I have no words,

My eyes forget to blink,

My lips refuse to move

So connect your heart with me

And try to hear what I am saying

from the bottom of my heart.


Thank You My Love!

Thank you so much for filling

my every empty corner with your love,

I know thank you is composed of two simple words

It is not me, who is thanking you,

But my every part of by body and soul wants me to say that to you.


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