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Love Has No Limits

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What is love? most commonly asked question. People have tried to elaborate its answer in many different ways but still there is no specific answer to this question. The main reason why there are so many different answers is that, everyone has its own perception and different way to express it. If you want to know what love is, you have to experience it and go through it by yourself. You may keep searching for the answer or you may get the desired answer which clicks your mind and heart but still you know nothing about love until you have tasted it.

Love is not limited and bound, you cannot calculate or measure its depth, but you can surf on its waves forever. You are lost in a color of love and the very next moment everything change and include a new color in your life, which is totally different from the previous, you may never get a chance to taste the same flavor again. That is the real beauty of love, always there is new color and new sky in the world of love. How can we confine infinity into words and rules? You can never create rules and limitations for love.

Love is main stream and from this there emerges many other sweet streams, you become more soft hearted and sensitive. It gives totally new meaning to your life. You become lively and start to live your life in true sense. When you feel happy and peaceful from inside you start sharing this bliss with everyone around you, then you are not doing it but it becomes a natural process. So if you really want to know what love is, get ready to experience and enter the mystery world of love. It is there, in the bottom of your heart lies the answer.


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Light In Eyes

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You were the light in my eyes

But I was nothing

Your eyes were for whom you love

Your love was for the person

You love most

Whose inside your heart

And not for me

How unlucky am I

I could only think about you

Live with your memories

And nothing else.


Sweet Message For My Love

I was lying on my bed

My mind resist to think

Anything else

Except You and your love

Suddenly a tear rolling down

my cheeks…

Its your projection

I use to see every where

O My Love!

Never forget my love

My sacrifices.


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Send Some Love Through Messages

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Sun is the source of energy and light for our earth, when sun raises the light spreads everywhere it is a natural process. In the same way LOVE is also a source of energy and spread light of happiness everywhere. The person in love when hears the voice of his heart, feels bliss and satisfaction. Love wants medium to travel to that person who become reason of happiness in life. Its really necessary.

Love messages are sent very frequently nowadays. It has became tradition to send a love messages through text, e-mails, msn etc. We have a huge collection of love messages and love sms. These Love Messages are romantic, special and impressive. They actually are written for the lovers. Whenever you realize you are in love and very much deep feeling you have for anyone, don’t resist, don’t hesitate and send a nice love message. These messages stir your lover from inside make them able to see the purity of your love. If you have not yet conveyed your heart message to your boyfriend or your girlfriend, you can use these messages to show your love for the first time.

Very experienced and true lovers compose these kinds of messages and we have gathered all these messages at one place for you. You can further read and skim out your favorite message from this large collection. You can also add your own wordings and idea in these messages to make it your own. Your boyfriend will be surprised to read such nice and cute love messages. One special thing about these love messages is that these are already famous and popular among lovers. You do not have to worry about the credibility of these love messages. Just select perfect one for your boyfriend and dedicate in any way you like.


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He Is Mine

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He said hello to me that one fine day.

He touched my hand one early afternoon

that made my heart skip a beat

I thought I was going to die.

He smiled at me on that

one sunday afternoon

We were taking walk down by the river.

He told me he loved me

he was on one knee

I was so shocked

I dont even know if I was even breathing right now…

He came into my life

from one of the stars above

that I wished for my whole life.

He came to me at the darkest phase of my life

and make it so bright

I am never letting him go…

I love him, he is mine.

A Cute Love Message By Shelly Wild.


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Promise Of Love

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Girl: If there is a boat in the river and we three,

you, me and your mom are sitting on that boat,

your mom and I fell into the water.

And you can only save one, who would you save.

Boy: I will save my mom and then jump into water

to die with you, it is because I have promised,

not to live without you.


Love In This World

I was so sad in my life and then something happened,

All the sadness has gone, my heart has bloomed

My life has rocked, my soul became new.

Thank you for coming into my life and

Thank you for showing me light,

Hope and love in this world.


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Thank You For Your Love

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Its a fact that friendship and love

cannot be measured and buy in monetary terms,

For if it can, I could never be able to afford

someone so nice and great like you,

Thank you so much for your friendship, love and everything.


Silent Love Message

At this very moment I want to express my gratitude,

love, my feelings to you…

But I have no words,

My eyes forget to blink,

My lips refuse to move

So connect your heart with me

And try to hear what I am saying

from the bottom of my heart.


Thank You My Love!

Thank you so much for filling

my every empty corner with your love,

I know thank you is composed of two simple words

It is not me, who is thanking you,

But my every part of by body and soul wants me to say that to you.


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Being In Love

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Sometimes I look at you and wonder

why you are with me.

I wonder if it was that night

I wished on that star

that gave me you.

I never used to believe in wishes

but when I came across you.

I used to dream of you

as long as I could even remember

and when I saw you

it felt like I knew you my whole life.

Theres is one thing that scares me

sometimes being in Love with someone like you

I thank the stars above for sending me you.

I see you sitting across me

I stare at you as if you are made of diamonds.

I cant stop and wonder how lucky I am to be with you

Today I am your wife and I still feel the same way

as I did on that one magical day when the stars above gave me you

I dreamed of you all my life and now I have you…

Sweet Love Message By Shelly Wild.


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Wait For Him

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As I stand on the warm beach

as the hot sand dances

between my toes

and the sound of children playing

I feel this emotion of peace and love

I head towards the warm water

I smile and keep heading

towards the warm ocean water,

the water hugs my chest

the sand is warm and its hugging me too

The water is way over my head

as I fall slowly down to the very bottom of the ocean

I open my eyes to the most amazing sight

it was so bright so pretty and full of life.

A small turtle swims passed me with his mother so small and brave.

I lay in the sand I cover myself as if it was a thick blanket

I feel so much love and joy, no fear at all

just peace as I take one last breathe

I close my eyes to the ocean

and wait for to woken by the Lord upstairs.

Nicely Written By Shelly Wild.


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One Day

Posted in Love Text Messages on November 21st, 2011 by admin – Comments Off

One day

I reveal my hidden feelings

Of love to her

After that…

The days

Which are dull

will become sunny and bright

The nights

Which are scary

Will become starry and warm

The time

That is still

Will become a racing car

My heart

Which is so empty

Will be full of happiness

My dreams

Which are very hopeless

will become sweet and hopeful

The love

That is not mine

Will come back to me

My Life

That is so dead

Will become so lively and lovely.


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You Change My Life

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Your love

Your feelings

Have changed

My life

And taken all

my pains and grief

The black days

of loneliness

Is now over

After I have found

The last love

Of my life

The days of happiness

have now came

The days of cheer

The days of love

They have came

and will never leave

When you open

your arms for me

Its like you have

opened a window

Of pleasure and wind

of love and friendship

You have shown me

a new world of

feelings and emotions

I wanted to see,

hear and feel

for all my life.


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